Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Manageable Chunks of Time

We're all so busy!  Some days I can barely manage to get the kids to school on time with healthy lunches in their backpacks BUT there are no excuses that can justify letting my health come last.  Not money, stress, jobs, kids or schedules!  

If you make health and fitness your number one priority - your body will carry you through all you need to accomplish (both stressful and joyful) and with a renewed energy.  Everything in my mind and in my day changes to positive after a good workout.  It would then make sense for me to do an am workout and have those good positive feelings all day long yet my busy reality dictates when I can actually get that hour in so I take it one day at a time or should I say one hour at a time and if getting my workout in is important it gets done.  I just know if you are struggling that we all hit a point when we just know something has to CHANGE.  We get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  This is right about where the head kicks in and will be out to get you! My negative self talk kicks in the moment my eyes open.  I'd love to say I'm the glass half full girl but it's the other way around and I really have to work at the positive affirmations.  I just keep reminding myself this is no dress rehearsal.  I get one crack at this life and I had better treat my body with respect by what I eat and challenge it to work hard by the fitness I engage in.  I'm human and I too fail, cheat and sneak chocolate and some days don't even do a workout (shocking!) but I dust myself off and the next day keep trying over and over again.  Don't let the slip off the wagon be the road to more pounds and more couch time.

As a trainer there is nothing I love more than the call I get when someone is serious about making change.  Last week it was from two awesome ladies.  First, Nurse Judy who is active, she walks her dog, dragon boats 3x a week and did I say she's a nurse.  She is really motivated to change some poor habits and to loose more weight and tone up.  Portion control with her food is the number one change as there are diabetic concerns with herself and some family members.  Weight is beginning to drop for her and family members as she begins with controlling the portion amounts on the dinner plates.  She hired me to come to her home to train her as she does a portion of her work from home.  She wanted some 10 minute programs set up as she realizes she more likely to adhere to a mini program in manageable chunks of time.  She wants to fit her workout into her work schedule right where she's at - at home.  She now has a weight routine for when she's on the phone sitting in her chair to tone her upper body along with some other full body training programs.  She's a nurse and she knows all the secret formulas for loosing weight and staying healthy but she's human and she needs help.  She's choosing to be accountable to me as her trainer and knows her own limitations and can set her fitness goals so they are realistic and attainable so she will be succeed!  She is working out in small 10 minute time frames during the day hoping to reach 3 x 10 minutes at day in the next month. I see her in 3 weeks so keep up the good work Nurse Jude!

Another fantastic lady I train, Maureen works crazy hours as she owns a boutique public relations firm http://www.velocitypr.ca/  She needs to train in her gym and also wants variety so we meet outdoors at either the ocean or in the forest.  She is open to change and this variety keeps the workout different everytime.  Perhaps we'll toss on some bands and huff it up Quarry Rock next?  Who knows give us a little more sunshine and anything is possible.  It's the people I work with that makes me love my job so much!