Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Variety the Spice of Life

Hey I’m Spin-blogging again! This multi-tasking, busy mom/trainer seldom does one task at a time!! I haven't been online or blogging for months as work was so busy in the fall that by the end of the night I’d fall asleep in front of my computer as I completed more schooling for my senior's fitness certification. Life is a little saner now in 2012. Variety has become the new spice of my work life. Last year I started a new one day contract at a local seniors centre running a day program for physical and brain fitness for seniors and I just love it! What a superb group of people.

While some may think that chair fitness is for the frail let me tell you how wrong you are. One client who is 98 years old keeps up both physically and mentally and she prefers standing up to do her weights. She can also touch her toes from a standing position and is very happy to show this amazing skill off. Can you touch your toes? The physical abilities in this group are varied and the conversational and brain fitness component is the highlight to my work week. Most of our abdominal workout comes from our laughing!

You do know you can do a full body resistance workout sitting down. Of course it is preferable for your heart if you move at a pace that makes talking uncomfortable and a few beads of sweat are a good indicator to working in the correct training zone. If at any age not just when you are a senior when you cannot motivate yourself to do any physical fitness, have an injury, a sedentary lifestyle or are just plain lazy it really is a downward and slippery slope to either illness, injury, obesity, or in some cases depression.

The amazing seniors I work with know that the key to longevity and good health (at least the part we play a role in) is eating smaller portions of healthy food more frequently, moving more, loads of laughter and being connected with others. For your sake, find a class, Google a routine or if you really need help to give it a kick, your buttocks that is - hire me (or another trainer if you must) to work with. 2012 - invest in your health!

Dragonfly Fitness is happy to provide in 2012 a new SENIORS MOBILE FITNESS AND COMPANIONSHIP Options at very affordable prices as well as telephone coaching to help you achieve those goals by breaking through and working through the issues that block you! Call me for more information at 604 803-7757 www.dragonflyfitness.ca Have a healthy and happy day!