Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Put down the sticks!!!!

Wow I'm sure learning a lot about myself these days....it's exhausting in a good way!!

I was exercising last night on my spin bike (instead of snacking because that's what I really wanted to do as I was disappointed about something hmmm interesting link) and I realized when I closed my eyes that the image I had was these little gremlins with sticks surrounding my spin bike while I cycled.  I thought that was a rather interesting and yet disturbing image and I really had to think about it and write about it.  I don't want my exercise to be a punishment or have any negative emotions tied to it.  I don't want to think about the treat that I just burned off or that I've burned enough calories to eat a treat.  I don't want my fitness to be about 'evening out the scales' so to speak.  I desire a positive and healthy balance with my thoughts, my eating and my fitness.

I am a trainer and I've got the eduMacation to know about effective program planning, nutrition, and have a gift to movitate others but I too am human and suffer the same emotions many of us go through.  I know it's not only women that go through this but I will speak to you ladies - put down the sticks you're beating yourselves up with; I am.  I most certainly would not be training you with a stick in my hand and speaking negative words at you so why would I allow this subconscious stream of thoughts to be happening within me?

Start looking at JUST TODAY.  What did you do that was healthy?  Put that down in writing.  I use my Outlook calendar and just track the amount of time I exercised and the method (spinning, running etc).  It makes me feel like I've really accomplished something big no matter how small.  If you parked 1/2 block away from the school write that down.  Did you eat a healthy breakfast instead of a sugary cereal on the run.  Did you meditate for five minutes?  Did you take an hour to study for an exam which is stressing you out?  Did you find the courage to confront a situation that you're avoiding which is finding you snacking in front of late night t.v.?  When you were getting dressed what self-talk was going through your head when you saw your reflection something negative or positive?  It's not too late to start your day over right now.

Today I'm trying to focus only on positive thoughts.  I'm going to go now and type in my 50 minutes of spinning, pat myself on the back and drink a protein packed smoothie!  YA Me!  I feel such gratitude for my body, my mind and my health.  I wish you a beautiful and healthy day and may your hands be light and empty of sticks. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who motivates you to strive for your best?!

What or who motivates you to stay fit and healthy?

You haven't heard from me for well over a month. What happened you wonder?  Assuming all you think about is me and my blog (ha!) my life got way too busy to sit quietly and write.  As a mom of two boys, wife, business owner, and someone who tries to participate in service I got overwhelmed and as my husband says....very fragmented.  Old behaviours of being everything to everyone and saying YES when I should say NO.  Not to mention darkness of this Vancouver winter crowding in on me; remember us trainers are prey to the very things you struggle with when adhering to a fitness program and staying motivated.  Me getting in the way of me.

March is also a month of reflection on someone very special to me who left this world April 1st, 2009 - my baby sister Catherine Gordon.  Catherine died from a massive brain aneurysm at the young age of 42 and her sudden departure rocked my world, my heart and my priorities.   When my heart is heaviest, I try to sit in my emotions of grief and pray that I can express those emotions in healthy ways through exercise, painting or other methods of creativity.  I am reminded that my life is so very short and precious.  I look at my body as the vehicle in which I'm to move through this life and I do want to move through it as long as possible and with the greatest of ease.  Catherine was always educating herself with new nutritional information especially the negative affects of junk foods and other high glycemic (google that) and processed foods had on her body.  She was a great advocate for just MOVING and was always walking some days for hours and continuously tried to work on past issues and FORGIVENESS.  She kept life simple and she was a SUCCESS!  She focused on RELATIONSHIPS as the number one priority in her life.  Not only was she a success she is also a HERO as her healthy organ donations saved 5 lives the day she left this world because she looked after herself the best she could.

When I need to be motivated I close my eyes and I see her smiling face.  In fact I used to workout for the longest time with a photo of her smiling at me. If you are like me and are extrinsically motivated, you need to find that motivation in others or outside of yourself.  Get into group fitness, bootcamps or start working with a buddy or a trainer.  For those that are intrinsically motivated well they're up and running every day at 5am by themselves ~ I envy you, applaud you and wish I was like you ~ but I'm not. 

I am a firm believer in not only exercise but in looking within and healing those wounds that keep us trapped in unhealthy behaviours whether it's drinking too much, emotional eating and/or other behaviours that adversely affect you and your health. Exercise and nutrition are huge components for optimum health but refusing to look inwards at our wounds can keep us trapped in unhealthy patterns of self-sabatoge and it's far more difficult to see your fitness results.  I know as I battle it continuously.  Ladies and gentlemen, we need to put down the sticks we're beating ourselves with, and look to whatever you need too to begin the healing journey.  For some it will be your faith or in finding a faith, through health professionals, counsellors, 12 step groups etc.  There is something out there for everyone to get well.  It's your life, your body, your soul and your choices.  Choose well as you are so worth it.   Have a healthy week!