Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nothing changes until something changes

I’m off to a friend’s bbq and it’s just not the same as when I used to head out to indulge. Today I load my plate but it’s done with awareness. I have too much information in this brain to live with my head buried in the sand when it comes to how many calories are going in the shoot and how hard I have to work to work to burn those calories off. Today I am trying to live in a constant state of awareness so that I can combat that sneaky accumulation of weight that happens when one doesn’t live in awareness of what is going into their bodies. Some people choose not too be in awareness or are even in defiance and by all means that’s their choice; yet deep down I believe we all want abundant health. We were made to enjoy abundant health!

So tonight I will make conscious choices of what I eat. If I choose the dessert it’s because I’ve had the extra long workout today, planning ahead I call it. Yet if I’m looking to loose weight (which I am) I’m going to have to stick to some healthier options on the dessert platter such as: fruit. It always helps if I tell myself I CAN have that cake if I really want it and perhaps tomorrow I will but just for today – no thanks!

Just Google ‘calories burned’ and look at how hard you have to work to burn the excess calories you’ve consumed. Look up how many calories your favorite dessert or drink has and you may make different choices. You do need calories folks don’t get me wrong it’s the excess you don’t want. Start educating yourself and you will begin small changes in your choices. Based on your sex, age, and activity level you can find numerous tools on the internet so you know how many calories you personally need. Anything in access of that will be stored as fat in your body. Pick one or two manageable changes in calories consumption that you can live with and start small. Don’t jump on the diet wagon and deprive yourself because if you are like me the self sabotage kicks in and I’ll double that consumption.

So many people complain about how hard they workout and that nothing is happening with their body. They go to boot camp or the gym 2 – 3x a week and nothing. It is a two part process effective workout routines and you must look at what you are consuming (nutrition). Here it is for fun and for free, the secret to weight loss: You must burn more calories than you consume.

If you eat more than your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) , you give your body more energy than it needs and it will store those extra calories (energy) as fuel reserve which unless you are burning those calories off will more than likely settle in fat stores in places you just don’t want them. So …..

1. eat more than your TDEE, your weight will increase
2. eat exactly your TDEE, your weight will remain constant
3. eat less than your TDEE, your weight will decrease

My best friend Maria in Ottawa has a trainer 2 x a week now and is ALSO maintaining her boot camps 2 x a week AND tossing in a run or two and is NOW seeing the changes she’s wanted and she’s proud. I too am so proud of her! It’s the best investment you can make – investing in you! Remember folks ‘nothing changes until something changes’.

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