Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gratitude and Celebration

Today is a great day!  I kicked off the sixth consecutive month of Dragonfly Fitness Group Fitness classes running and more importantly I celebrate the women who have supported my business and their lives by committing to their health and fitness!  You a beautiful, strong and amazing!  I am so proud of you. 

Through my blogging I hope to reach you with a level of honesty to help you see that while I have fitness as my passion and vocation you will see that this trainer is human and I battle many issues if not all of the same issues you do.  So today’s question is:  Am I lazy?   Hell yes, I wake up lazy!  I was born lazy.  It is my natural default and again there is no pride in proclaiming this to the cyber world I do wish I was wired differently somedays! 

There are no excuses for me in not achieving my own personal fitness goals aside from pure laziness which I combat daily.  I am telling you this because I DO NOT bounce out of bed and think, "I can’t wait to work out and do something really positive today"!   Rather I stagger from bed and think, "I have to get that workout in as I will feel like a million bucks when I do and I have never not felt better about myself, my health and life in general after a workout."

With my busy life I have to schedule that workout into my outlook calendar as an appointment.  I purposely give up an hour of paid work time to book my workout in first or else it will not get done; it is non-negotiable.  Not only does the rest of my work day become more productive but my mindset and attitude is drastically improved if I take care of me first.  That being said, secretly I’d much rather not workout and I always desire the easiest and softest way possible to that slim and toned body of a twenty year old - really don’t we all.  This is reality fitness though and not Shape Magazine so I don’t need to tell you but I will; unless you were blessed with incredible genetics and perhaps are in your twenties or in your pre child-bearing years, it certainly doesn’t work that way. 

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired like I was you will make the necessary changes and only then.  When you are ready the North Shore has something for everyone.  Group fitness classes, boot camps, personal trainers, there is something for everyone; whether you are a beginner, plus size, intermediate, very fit or an elite athlete.  Do your research and ask questions so you don’t set yourself up to fail.  If you haven’t trained for years start at a beginner level and excel in your class, then move on up.  Do not let fear keep you on the couch any longer.  You just need to make the commitment to begin.

Start with small and realistic goals and better yet; do it with a friend or a group of friends.  It’s so much easier to commit and adhere to your program when others support you and you are accountable to them.  Some of us (me included) need a personal trainer in order to motivate and challenge me to have a focused and results-oriented training routine.  You will be amazed before you are half way through a boot camp or a few weeks of classes at how much better your feel about yourself and how your strength and energy increases. 100% of my participants increase in strength, stamina and loose inches and gain a better outlook about life and themselves. 

Make your first step today and plan your new fitness plan for 2011.  Figure out what your obstacle(s) are that are blocking you from achieving your goals and remove them or get the help to remove them.  I wish you every success one workout at a time.  Feel free to contact me for assistance and if I’m not the right person for you I will refer you to some awesome people in the fitness industry. 

Caroline O’Neill Liggett
Mother and BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
Owner and Operator of Dragonfly Fitness

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life....It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." -Melody Beattie, American author

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