Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reality Fitness After 40

Many women have the luxury of awaking to their alarm clocks with soothing music playing to gently lull them out of their sleep. My alarm clock kicks my door open and in a split second has thrown its 65 pound body across mine and is doing his best renditions of Kung Fu Panda across my bed and bouncing of my body. Just when I’m coming too after the initial shock and my heart rate is coming down to a normal resting rate, in runs number two son and the belly flops begin. I slither out of bed unnoticed looking for my cup of coffee. Another day has begun and I vow today will be different. I will be focused, organized and of good spirit. I will create a home full of peace, harmony and incredible efficiency. Minutes tick by, the coffee is ready and the breakfast is done.  We’re organized and we all fall into our TV and computer habits and then I look at the clock and panic! WE’RE LATE!!! HURRY UP! Get your shoes on! Where’s your backpack?!  Mom...scholastic orders are due, it’s hot lunch day I'm told after I've made the lunches, irritated at them for not telling me earlier but honestly irritated at myself for not taking time to read my notices from the school.  If only I was more organized.  Why don’t I get up an hour earlier and meditate or go for a run?  If I was just more disciplined then everything would be peaceful and serene.  Not today Zorg!

We are loud, we are wild and yet we are all happy within seconds of driving to school – even somewhat ecstatic if we know we have beaten our neighbor Tina to school. We arrive first at school and the van is unloaded, the boys run to their friends and the day stretches out ahead of me - full of promise. I once again imagine in what order I should organize my work, the errands and ultimately and most importantly; my much needed workout – my medicine!  Check in tomorrow and I’ll share my journey back to health and fitness.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Makes me appreciate my mornings a little more.

  2. Love your stories Caroline look forward to tomorrow