Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Journey

So my journey back to health and fitness. I was always active and playing sports and was getting awards in school for fitness except it was always MIP (most improved player) and never MVP.  I tried not to get choked about it because it was my good friends winning those MVP awards.  I learned that I was trying my best and while I wasn’t the best, I was an important part of a team.  Team sports within school and community was where it was at as far as sports being fun but I really wasn’t one for going the extra mile unless a championship game was on the line and then it was full output of energy.  Fast forward into my twenties and early thirties and I’m not too proud too say I did as little as possible in the area of fitness unless again it was a fun volleyball league or the ultra fun of dragon-boating and skiing when I could indulge in the team bonding or get into the more important après ski events, if you catch my drift.   

Skipping ahead a few après ski moments later through an event-filled decade of my life to after my first child were born in my late thirties. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with son number one, both my parents died suddenly within 6 months of each other and my mother-in-law died 3 weeks later.  It was a very dark time.  I glided through on numbness, autopilot and support from good friends.  After son number two was born two years later it seemed to all hit, the grief, the hormones and the postpartum depression.  I began trying all methods of help available and as usual the last resort was exercise and it miraculously became my number one medicine.  Today it is the mood regulator that works for me; I cannot live without it.  I fell in love with fitness after I realized the benefits and it was the answer to reclaiming my physical health and mental health.  Son number two arrived a whopping 10.5lbs. and needless to say I had more than a few pounds to shed.  It has been a slow road back to where I feel good in my skin and strong in my skin. 

Making the choice to be at home with my two boys I began re-training for a career in fitness which would allow me to juggle both family and work. Today if I miss a day of fitness it’s my husband who cringes and tries very hard to support me in opening up time to get it done.  I’m very serious when I say it is mood altering drug for me. 

I’m not sold on any one specific workout as I’ve had to learn to enjoy many types due to my lifestyle.  When my children were young exercise DVD’s and free weights was what worked best for my schedule as I could not get out the door until Mr. Wonderful came home.  I then took a turn at running (literally out the door) for a few seasons of 10km’s and running clinics.  Then came the need to get out with others and I found excellent boot camps on the north shore designed to kick my butt back into shape and of course the local recreation centers always had a class that fit into my schedule.  Today I teach group fitness classes, at the local recreation centres, teach privately and have personal training clients who I just love working with. I also attend sessions with a personal trainer on the North Shore.  Chris Kwan has just a few years on me but she is sinewy, strong and truly leads by example and is a wonderful woman.  She makes me laugh and I really like her, aside from being qualified that is for me important component when picking a trainer.  Tomorrow I’ll chat about some of the obstacles that block me from achieving my goals.  Have a healthy day!

Caroline O’Neill Liggett
Mother and BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
Owner and Operator of Dragonfly Fitness

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  1. I had smiles and tears as I read this - thank you for sharing your story - it is you... Keep writing!
    xo Anne